A downloadable game for Windows

Made for #LDJAM37 by Nikola Vlahovic (@JustSomeNikola) and Aleksandar Himel (@war10ckah) in less than 72 hours. The theme was One Room!

Super Furniture Mover ULTRA is an addictive fast paced game in which the objective is to move furniture through the room.
The player is awarded with points for each time he moves a designated piece of furniture to its dedicated position in the room marked
by a yellow beam of light (not the work of aliens we promise).
The only constraint is a time limit. Have fun and show us your highscore!

Team DoorsNotInstalled

Aleksandar Himel (@war10ckah)
Nikola Vlahovic (@JustSomeNikola)

Movement via WASD/ARROWS
Run with shift
Aim and pick up with mouse
Jump with space

Sick tunes made by Bomb Boy and MadBrain.

Install instructions

Unzip, run, have fun!


SuperFurnitureMoverULTRA.zip 28 MB
SuperFurnitureMoverULTRA.7z 25 MB

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